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Russell Brand’s “Revolution” Is a Lazy Idea

In an interview with journalist Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand called for a revolution of non-voting in favour of a decentralised utopian system run by “admin bots” instead of “governments”.

Brand is an enticing rhetorician. And enticing, fast rhetoric is disarmingly dangerous. In this interview, he makes the same emotional appeals he denounces. Instead of offering concrete examples and names of organisations or individuals who embody his utopian ideals, he offers excuses that he’s “too busy”.

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Patriarchy and Men in Pop Culture

From Melissa McEwan at Shakesville, a powerful critique of how popular media, as a vehicle of patriarchal systems, negatively affects men:

“Men who want to be in a stable and happy relationship with a specific person whom they adore are disappeared by the presumption that romance is the purview of women, and women want to be rescued, or fix a terrible guy, so let us make eighty-seven biebillion romantic comedies with the conceit that love begins with stalking, or the tragedy of incompleteness, or a jerk who needs to be tamed, none of which have wide appeal among men (or women) who want to see people who look something like their emotional selves projected back at them, so then let us conclude that men hate romance.

Men are dogs, who don’t want to settle down. Or: Men are weirdos, who want to control women.

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